About Megan

'Must I Get Up'_FinalI was fortunate to grow up in an artistic household. My mother was a fine artist and taught art, and my dad was an architect with a love of horses. This allowed me to have plenty of art supplies and professional coaching during my childhood, and I’ve been obsessed with the horse in art ever since I can remember!

As a youth, I studied equine anatomy and horse care books, and was a barn rat at the local stable. We couldn’t afford to own a horse so I groomed the lesson horses to ride for free. I spent many hours watching my friends ride – which helped me understand the horse in action from the ground up.

I’d come home after a day at the barn and draw horses for hours. Experimenting with different mediums, I’d recreate the actions and emotions I witnessed at the barn that day. I loved the curious horse, or the one that rolled after a long session of riding – or the one that found energy enough to kick and buck when released out to pasture after a hard day’s work. To me, those are the horses I love – unbridled!