My Bio

frolic_borderI am a mostly self-taught artist who started drawing horses at a very early age. Born in San Francisco, I grew up in Palo Alto, CA where my mother was an art instructor and my dad was an architect with an interest in horses.  Because we couldn’t afford to own a horse I spent my early years grooming lesson horses in order to ride, and groomed friend’s horses for the show ring.  I was a keen observer so in the evenings I’d go home and sketch horses from memory.  Grooming and observing horses from the ground up gave me a tactile sense of the horse’s anatomy and volume, which I use in my artwork today.

I studied fine art and graphic design in high school and community college, but changed course and received a degree in accounting. In 1988 I moved to Portland, Oregon where I settled and received a degree in Business Management. As luck would have it, most of my accounting positions were in arts related organizations, and this introduced me to the Northwest art scene.

in 2010 I began to post my horse sketches on Facebook for the “world” to see. Encouraged by the response from my Facebook community, I set up a home studio and quickly moved from sketching to stylistic sumi-e painting – which I consider to be the perfect blend of painting and illustration. I occasionally dabble in other medium such as acrylic, watercolor and ceramics, so I look forward to where my horses may go once they’re unbridled!

Having worked as a non-profit accountant, I deeply understand the need for funds to help sustain equine rescue efforts.  As part of my personal mission I contribute a portion of my art sales to equine rescue organizations.