My dream job…

Posted: December 21st, 2012 by Megan

I’ve been a horse collector ever since I was seven or eight years old.  I’ve got a HUGE collection of horse figurines from all over the world…just horses:  no Pegasuses, Unicorns, or riders…just horses. China, glass, wood, soapstone and various plastic types.  And granted…many, in fact, MOST of the early ones have been repaired at least once – since to me…they were alive!  They bucked, neighed, ran around and jumped over things.  They had homes and families and by gosh…occasionally they broke a leg!  Or two.

I still have them tucked away in my basement – and I’m constantly collecting more.  Each estate sale I go to, every import store I browse through; when I find that horse that speaks to me…I take it home and rescue it.   And now that I paint equine art, I’m collecting big coffee-table picture books on horses.  I had a few as a kid, and now this seems to be the ideal gift to get me.  I have many beautiful books on horses…encyclopedias on horses, horses from around the world, horses of China, horses in art…

I would LOVE to open a retail store for the horse minded like myself…and sell only horse related items:  horse figurines from around the world, (great excuse to travel, eh?), horse art, horse books, equine gifts, coffee mugs, some equine related clothing, boot scrapers, etc…I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time.  I even developed a business plan back in college related to this idea. This would be my ideal job.

But right now I’m an equine artist…and I collect my horses on paper.



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