Posted: January 11th, 2013 by Megan

When I see beautiful horse paintings or illustrations, it practically takes my breath away!  I’m awed and inspired to experiment and stretch my artistic ‘legs’ so to speak.  My artist rebirth is still very young and, I must admit, a little wobbly at times…so surrounding myself with other artist’s work helps me develop a sense of direction.

One of the artists whose horse paintings has inspired me for years is the early German expressionist painter and print maker Franz Marc.   I was just poking around on the internet tonight and came across this painting of his:   Franc Marc Painting: Sketch of Horses II   Now Franz Marc is long dead…he died in 1916, but his work still excites me. 

I also greatly appreciate my contemporary equine artists some of which are found in this site: Daily Painters – Horse Paintings   I feel no sense of jealousy or competition – although I sometimes feel a bit anxious – wanting to find my artistic groove and all – but I’m patient.  And I’ll keep working to find it. 


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