The HORSE Connection!

Posted: June 28th, 2013 by Megan

What I love most about vending my art at fairs and events, is connecting with other people who KNOW horses!!  I mean know HORSES!   The real thing.  The animal that neighs and kicks and enjoys a dusty roll after a sweaty ride. 

It thrills me to hear the stories these people share with me about their horse experiences;  their childhood horse(s), their family’s working ranch, the grandparents who raised racing quarter horses here in Oregon, the horses they currently ride…each one genuine and heartfelt…and inspired by my art!  I love that!  

I also hear emerging themes from my art such as;  they remind people of the cave paintings in, oh…’what it’s name’ (Chauvet, France)…, my horses have personalities and people describe what each one means to them.  I also hear from horse people that I really ‘get’ the horse!  They can tell that I ‘know’ the horse – the beast…the animal – the physical being that these horse people work with on a regular basis.  People who are ‘normally picky’ about horse art like my art.   This pleases me immensely!!  And they come from all walks of life, and from all over the world.

Selling my artwork directly to the patrons who appreciate The Horse rewards my effort to get them out there.  Letting them go.  Makes the schlepping of my goods to sizzling street fairs, and dusty open barn shows all the more rewarding, and emphasizes that the HORSE connection is what my art is all about.

Thank you for loving horses! 

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