Posted: November 12th, 2013 by Megan

At an equestrian social event recently, we were asked to quickly introduce ourselves – who we were, and perhaps a tagline of sorts for our business.  Before my turn came, my mind searched for clarity on who I am.  I’m an artist.  An equine artist…and I support equine rescue through my art.  And I just recently got back into my art after blah blah blah…….no response from the crowd.  Next…  I was irrelevant.  

This hit me so hard…so hard that I thought maybe I should just throw-in-the-towel so to speak. At least until spring. It became terribly obvious to me that I need to figure out what my connection is with the local equine community…aside from equine rescue – that doesn’t seem so popular. My questions is; what’s the give and take here?  I guess I need to focus on relationships to figure out my connection. 

I need confidence.  And confidence comes from forging ahead…quietly. Now that my life is settling down after months of other demands, I need to re-focus!  I’m starting to feel re-energized and I am back to frequently painting in my head. Next – to paper – I visualize my horses, and then I need to release them! Let them go…unbridled! 

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